We advocate:

A lifestyle with caring and living for senior people so

as to reach an intimate contact with society and

nature, and enjoy a healthy and decent senior life.

We provide:

professional and functional walking tools!

Thoughtful and practical household nursing mechandise!

Specialised and safe assist care service.

We attend to exhibitions home and aboard to share experience and knowledage with people in the same industry
Our company is entitled to various qualifications that can reach the demand of customers
Production Machine
We adopt advanced production equiment such as blow molding machine, lathe, etc.

Quality Statement

In order to highlight quality of products, we work alongside with our

suppliers to create higher perfection.

Each product is under strict control during producing for serving

customer's demand better.

We dedicate to ensure customer to enjoy usage experience while

making great products.

We produce the good quality products for seniors based on the

standard ISO9001 and ISO13485.